How do I order testing at IGeneX?

How it Works

IGeneX tick-borne illness tests are the most complete and accurate tests available. Testing is easy and we’ll guide you the whole way through.

1. Order a Test Kit
After discussing your symptoms with your doctor, order your test kit right here.
Your kit will arrive at your door ready for next steps.
Order a Test Kit

2. Complete Paperwork with your doctor
Your kit will come with the appropriate paperwork, which you need to complete with your doctor to determine the specific tests IGeneX will conduct with your samples.*

*Incomplete paperwork can result in testing delays

3. Take Kit to blood draw site
Take your test kit and all contents including paperwork, to a blood draw site. Once your sample is collected, the kit needs to be mailed to IGeneX, by either yourself or the blood draw site, for analysis.
Find a blood draw site

4. Get Results
IGeneX will conduct the tests as determined by you and your doctor, and will send the results to your doctor when completed. The last step is to visit your doctor for interpretation of results, diagnosis, and to discuss your treatment options.