A tick-borne illness can cost you more than money.
Accurate diagnosis
is priceless.

The IGeneX Advantage

For over 25 years, IGeneX has been the global leader in the research and development of tests that accurately detect Lyme disease, Relapsing Fever, and other tick-borne diseases. Tick-borne illnesses can affect every part of your life, and without effective diagnosis and treatment, symptoms can often worsen and progress into severe and even life-threatening health issues. And when you can't find the cause or a way to get better, your quality of life suffers. At IGeneX, we make it our singular mission to offer best-in-class testing for tick-borne diseases that delivers the most comprehensive and accurate results possible, so you can find the right treatment path to restore your health and get back to enjoying your life. Starting now.

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How it Works?

Order Test Kit

After discussing your symptoms with your doctor, you can order your test kit right here, directly from our website. Your kit will arrive at your door ready for next steps to test for Lyme disease or other tick-borne illnesses.

Order a Test Kit

Complete Paperwork With Your Doctor

Your kit will include various forms that you’ll need to complete with your doctor to determine which specific tests IGeneX should conduct with your samples.*

*Incomplete paperwork can result in testing delays

Take Kit To Blood Draw Site

Take your test kit and all contents, including your completed paperwork, to a blood draw site. Once your sample is collected, either you or the blood draw site will need to mail the kit to IGeneX for analysis. A preprinted/prepaid FedEx shipping label is included with the kit.

Find a Blood Draw Site

Get Results

Once your kit is received, IGeneX will conduct the appropriate tests as determined by you and your doctor.  Completed test results will be sent directly to your doctor. You can then schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss the test results as well as your specific disease diagnosis and treatment options.


Collection Kits

Compatible with All Tests that Require Blood

Blood Collection Kit

The Blood Collection Kit is compatible with most of the tick-borne disease tests and panels. The panels are usually the most comprehensive available for testing for Borreliosis/Lyme disease as well as co-infection(s) with other tick-borne illnesses.

You may also need:
Compatible with All Tests that Require Urine

Urine Collection Kit

The Urine Collection Kit is compatible with all tick-borne disease tests that require urine samples. These tests are particularly useful during the acute phase of a tick-borne disease infection before antibodies are present as well as for seronegative patients, patients with vague symptoms of long duration, and previously-treated patients with recurring symptoms.

Compatible with Samples Other than Blood or Urine

Misc. Collection Kit

The Miscellaneous Collection Kit is compatible with tick-borne disease tests that require samples other than blood or urine, such as cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), tissue, placenta or breast milk.

Receipt of payment for the testing and a signed Requisition Form is required upon submission of patient's test specimen to IGeneX, with the exception of Medicare patients.

Lab Certifications

IGeneX is a CLIA-certified high-complexity testing lab specializing in Lyme and other tick-borne disease testing.